About Us

Casual Paradise Started with myself and my brother, but as with most brothers, he and I thought we knew best the direction we wanted to take, so a split was inevitable, hes moved on to start his own label, and I am now in control of my own destiny, I am from the north of England, and have been into the 'casual' culture since 1983, my designs will evolve now i have full control of my business, If you have ideas or even designs that I may want to use get in touch and we can have a chat about it!!!

To contact me about any aspect of the designs...... Casualparadisedesigns@gmail.com

You can all contact me at https://www.facebook.com/casualparadise to discuss ideas etc, instagram and twitter to follow

I aim to evolve my little business to include other garments such as polo shirts, jackets and headwear, and I currently have sample duffle bags in production

Anyway cheers for reading this(if you have) and get your designs into me





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